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Where to go when your phone breaks?

There are many phone repair stores in Tulsa. This makes it really confusing which one to choose. All the stores say they are better than each other.

Mr. Phone US at 71st & Mingo, has something special, our google reviews. With a star rating of 4.9, we are at the top of any other phone repair store in Tulsa. Our prices are unmatched and the service we provide is super fast.

It is interesting to know that when various companies and phone repair stores are unable to fix a phone they turn to Mr. Phone US. We are not only fixing phones for the last 15 years, but we are also teaching others to do so.

People usually do not know that fixing their phones is much cheaper than buying a new one. Our price list would prove that statement right for sure.

We not only fix your phone, if you want to sell it to us we buy it as well. We also sell refurbished phones. So in case you are done with your old phone you can buy a refurbished phone which comes much cheaper than a new one, and is as good as a new one, also comes with a 90 days warranty.

Mr. Phone US is your one-stop solution to all your phone repair needs.

Want to know about our screen replacement? Read about Mr. Phone Screen Replacement

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